Commercial Real Estate Training Evolved

Nucleus Commercial improves the experience of commercial real estate for every client, agent, and brokerage.

Nucleus Commercial was born from the desire to offer agents a place to openly learn at the highest level how to establish, grow, and thrive through a career in commercial real estate. In its growth, we have never lost track of our focusing question: Is what we are offering improving the experience of investment real estate for every client, agent, and brokerage involved?”

Our promise to our community is to strive to create, develop, and improve content that enables a better investment experience daily.

Founder & Lead Trainer

Alicia Shepherd is the founder of Nucleus and is the lead developer of the various commercial real estate training programs that Nucleus has to offer.

Currently, Alicia leads her National Expansion team, KWC Team with agents in Los Angels, Washington, Austin, San Antonio and Huston. She is an executive coach and head coach for the commercial division of MAPS Coaching. She is the division leader of education and training for KW Commercial and she is the visionary behind the Launch Commercial brand of companies which offers various services tailored to the businesses of commercial real estate agents, teams and brokerages. 

In 2016, Alicia Shepherd was leaving a national commercial brokerage firm, in frustration due to their narrow way of operating driven by antiquated ways of thinking. While that firm offered reasonable training, considered some of the best in the industry at the time, that firm like the majority of the industry, only truly opened the doors to an narrow demographic. Alicia knew that the industry could do so much better, be so much better. And so she set out to make the commercial real estate industry an inclusive and equitable industry no longer defined by the "old boys club."

The first step on that journey was to develop the 8-Week Launch training curriculum, which is the foundation of the Nucleus offerings. To date, well over 1,000 commercial agents across the country have taken 8-Week Launch training in various formats, including: in person classes, live webinars and on demand digital access.

8-Week Launch has won high praise from many multi decade veterans of the commercial real estate industry, many of whom now leverage it to train their junior agents.